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Moving lines

The moving lines form a production method that ensures a high level of efficiency by guaranteeing equal flexibility in the alternating phases of assembly.

In fact, unlike step assembly lines, which require the effective completion of the operations assigned to that phase for the product to advance, the Moving Line is defined by the slow advancement of the product along an assembly trail, ensuring the correct compliance of the production process without rigid constraints on the precise moment when a specific action must be carried out.

The management of products using FIFO logic and the structure of the line also allow for the definition of a physical point of entry for the product that must be assembled and a unique point of exit through a simplification of the internal logistics.

In fact, a very large number of companies are switching to this type of production in the automotive sector; this method is also becoming popular in new sectors, thanks to its versatility and the greater quality of the processing, which has an impact on the products.

The solution developed by Mainit is based on the use of special, highly flexible conveyor belts that are adaptable to the differing sizes of products. The supports are able to vary the support base and the height using actuators, thus offering process operators the chance to always work in the optimal ergonomic conditions.

Special walkways, which can also be adapted to the sizes of the Product, allow complete, 360-degree access to the product by simplifying access to the assembly position as much as is possible.