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Automated warehouses

Integrated storage and flow are the key factors that can ensure high standards for safety and productivity.

An automated warehouse represents an interesting solution for many companies: the handling, picking, loading and unloading of goods are all phases that can be automated in an extremely efficient way.

The main competitive advantages of the automated warehouse are its accuracy and the speed of operations: automation.
Every phase of the physical and digital flow that characterises the storage process reaches levels of reliability that far exceed the best standards of traditional warehouses. Moreover, storage is greater integrated into other company functions: the traceability of goods, stock control and real-time inventory taking.

More importantly, the difference stems from the extensive exploitation of surfaces and volumes: the spaces can be, in effect, saturated, without creating problems with crossings and movement. As a result, it is possible to store very large quantities of goods and materials in relatively limited spaces.
The winning combination of vertical shelving and stacker cranes makes it possible optimally exploit height, in order to create warehouses that predominantly develop upwards, with aisles minimised.

In fact, the robotisation of processes leads to a reduction in human errors and workplace accidents. Unlike traditional warehouses, the automated structures lead to the need to reply on direct labour from highly specialised operators: the auxiliary tasks that remain to be performed can be carried out by staff who do not have particular experience or know-how.
All of these benefits translate into quality processes and increased productivity, but also an overall reduction in warehouse management costs, including the reduction in heating and lighting costs in storage rooms (housing costs), so that the return on the initial investment for the automation of the warehouse can be monetised in the short term.

Mainit supports its clients in the development of ad hoc solutions, which can ensure unparalleled results in terms of efficiency and versatility while always simplifying things and optimising costs and benefits.