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Conveyor belts and roller conveyors

We supply conveyor belts in various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of our clients, who operate in a variety of sectors involving food, wine, textiles or manufacturing.

Our technical department has extensive experience in every field of application and always ensures the best selection that balances performance, regulatory standards and supply costs.

The selection of materials to be used and suppliers is one of the fundamental principles of Mainit as it relates to their work. This ensures a high level of customer satisfaction and one of the lowest quality/cost rations on the market. Aeronautics, automotive, heavy industry, packaging, food and beverages: our systems are suitable for use in a variety of ways in every manufacturing sector.


Different manufacturing types, same objective

- Aluminium profiles: generally used for assembly lines and transferring light loads to pallets.

- Varnished steel structures: the most commonly used for conveyor belts and roller conveyors; generally used in environments where robustness and high working loads are required.

- Stainless steel structures: predominantly used in the agri-food and pharmaceutical fields; they are also highly valued in chemically aggressive settings, thanks to their exceptional resistance to rusting.


A conveyor belt for every product

- Canvas with or without coating: this is the most common support, because it combines high flexibility, reduced cost and a strong resistance to wearing. 

- Modular plastic mesh: these conveyor belts offer a high degree of variability in the choice of modules. They can be used both in environments that require a strong degree of resistance to impact and environments that must be easy to clean; above all, they have a strong degree of versatility as they can describe any type of trajectory.

- SuperDrive polyurethane monolithic conveyor belt: this is absolutely the first choice for applications where optimal hygiene is required. Its structure makes its a highly resistant support that can be cleaned to an unparalleled degree. It is absolutely unbeatable when it comes to transporting wet agri-food products, such as met, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc.