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Packaging and Quality Controls

The packaging practice responds to the current needs of the consumers, who need a wider choice and convenient products, as well as diverse systems and conditions for distribution and production. By ensuring the quality of the product, the packing allows that product to be transported and distributed locally, regionally or even globally, thus providing access to important food resources to a large portion of the population. The packaging also makes it possible to offer most types of fruits and vegetables throughout the year, whether the products are local or imported. Modern families are using pre-prepared, canned and frozen foods increasingly more, in a wide variety of forms, thus saving time on both cooking and preparation. Packaging makes all of this possible.

Primary packaging is defined as the coating used to package the individual, ready-to-eat product. For example, for a can containing orange juice, the aluminium can is the primary packaging. The packaging allows otherwise perishable goods to be preserved and transported over time.

Secondary packaging (also called multiple packaging) is the packaging that constitutes the grouping of a certain number of sales units. It is typically found at the point of sale and can be removed from the product without altering its features.
Tertiary packaging is packaging that is designed to facilitate the logistics and transport of a certain number of sales units or secondary packaging, in order to avoid handling them or transport-related damages.
The end of the line identifies the production area where the packaging, labelling, quality check and pallet loading of goods that are ready to be shipped and stored are carried out.

Mainit supports its clients in identifying, designing and manufacturing the most suitable solutions under a variety of key criteria: technological, productive, environmental and logistic. Mainit has started a range of collaborations with leading companies in the Packaging and Quality Control sectors, so it is able to ensure the best possible integration of its solutions into existing lines. We are also able to supply complete turnkey solutions: from the simple product to the ready-for-shipping pallet.

Our technical department offers its experience by creating ad hoc solutions that can optimise the packaging and storage process, ensuring a very fast return on investment. The handling of goods and their comprehensive traceability will be our point of reference, in order to ensure quick and efficient processes.