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Work cabins and islands

Through our experience, we are able to solve a variety of problems related to noise pollution and the containment of dust generated by work operations, all while complying with the safety standards in effect and keeping machinery fully operational.

In addition to perimeter protection and cabins, we use our decades of experience to define specific accessories and sensors for the handling, access control and safety of operators in the plant. Our technical department will, in collaboration with the client, evaluate the best technical and financial solution available and supply all of the documentation necessary for the creation of 3D models, lists and assembly procedures.

The colours used and the surface finish for the protection can be supplied to complement the company’s uniform, or the uniform of the processing plant it is found within, in order to ensure optimal visual integration of the product into its environment.

Metal platforms, stairs and structures

Platforms and stair access must be the result of custom design. Mainit provides its clients with extensive experience in the construction of static metal platforms and structures, including external fire escapes and structures for supporting machinery.

Access platforms that we create are generally identified by the following elements:

  1. Safe display of the machinery
  2. Physical access to the machines
  3. Loading of materials into a machine 

In addition to the obvious factors, such as height and reach, that must be taken into consideration to ensure the optimal design of an access platform, the choice of materials is important. Mainit can develop and manufacture Stainless Steel or iron structures with a variety of surface treatments, depending on the specific environment in which the item is to be used.


Soundproof cabins

Sound-absorbing perimeter protections are frequently similar in appearance to classic sheet-metal perimeter protections and, in effect, can often perform the same protective functions for protruding parts and work shavings. However, their main duty is to shield high levels of echoed and reverberated noise stemming from specific types of machinery.

In recent times, this type of protection has become increasingly sought-after, as the current regulations are increasingly catered to the protection of workers from environmental and accident-related risks too. 
The panels used for these specific applications contain sound-absorbing panels, typically sandwiched between two layers of sheet metal. The type of panel used, however, depends on the setting for which it is intended. Soundproof cabins also include, in a lot of cases, extraction systems for gases, vapours and fumes produced by the operation of machinery.


Cabins for machinery tools

We can supply cabins, fencing and covers for CNC work centres, automatic or manual milling machines, lathes, vertical boring machines, drills, sanding machines, cutting machines (laser, plasma, water jet and oxy-fuel), punchers, large-format digital printers and 3D printers. 

Our experience in this sector allows us to oversee projects that are designed to ensure safety, productivity, easy maintenance and aesthetics. Fencing and covers are typically made of steel and polycarbonate panels or panels with glass/polycarbonate-laminated windows. 

Safe access to the machines is extremely important for ensuring efficient loading and unloading, set-up, cleaning and maintenance operations; our technical department always satisfies all of these requirements by identifying the correct positioning and defining the hinged or sliding doors and hatches.

In addition, safety light curtains can be provided where swift access is a necessity and when there is no risk of dangerous substances being ejected or emitted.


Flexibly assembled industrial protection

Born from decades of experience in designing work spaces for medium and large automated machine tools, the easyProtect Flexibly Assembled Industrial Protection ensures a high degree of adaptability to any needs.

The interchangeable nature of the connective interfaces makes easyProtect the best option for creating unique, continuous and robust solutions.

Unlike interconnected protection from vertical poles, where the hooks act as a hinge that constitutes the critical point, the overlapping of the ends reinforces the barrier.
The purchase cost is not the be all and end all!
The time associated with the installation of the perimeter protection may constitute the majority of the supply cost: easyProtect is a protective system designed to minimise the activity for implementing the barriers by reducing this factor.


TURNKEY solutions

Thanks to specific internal verification procedures, we can supply pre-prepared and packaged solutions in order to ensure a simple and swift implementation of the item.

In special cases, ad hoc solutions for transporting and handling goods can be provided, in order to optimise space and ensure the highest possible savings on logistical costs.

The definition of the assembly procedures is part of the initial design of the protection; the details of the assembly are studied right down to the smallest detail to make on-site assembly simple, even for non-expert members of staff. 

All cabins and protection are pre-assembled at our production site, in order to ensure a precise and punctual verification of any possible defects.


PROTECTION for everyone

The cabins and islands that we manufacture can be completely created using easyProtect profiles, with solutions that are completely customised based on the client’s specifications (curved profiles, special profiles, sound-absorbing panels, etc.), or made of hybrid solutions that blend the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the easyProtect models with a partial customisation.

The sound-absorbing panelling used can only cover the four sides of the system that needs to be protected, in order to create a semi-integral cabin or to completely cover the work area.

In these cases, in addition to the sound-absorbing panels, an air extraction and treatment system can also be integrated to ensure that the health of operators is protected from vapours, fumes and fine dust.